What kills germs hot water or cold

Surprisingly, no. Hot water does kill bacteria, but what's comfortable for your hands is also pretty comfortable for bacteria. Most pathogens start to die off around. It's true that hot water will kill off bacteria, but only at temperatures Cold water, is just as effective at washing hands as lukewarm or hot water. Does hot water actually kill germs? And some people want to save a little money and use cold water for both dishwashing and laundry.

If you've been taught that washing your hands in warm water is necessary to get rid of dirt, germs and bacteria, a new study says using cold. Water that is cool enough for us to put our hands in isn't going to do much to kill any bacteria. Some soap has Does hot water kill germs better than cold water?. It would need to be very, very cold to kill germs - bacteria, that is, including those that cause disease and that you are Why does cold water kill germs?.

"Antibacterial handwash is NO better than soap – and cold water kills as many germs as hot, experts claim," The Sun reports. These were the. Conventional wisdom holds that washing your hands with hot water kills more germs than washing them with cold water. Find out if this holds. Washing clothes in hot water helps to kill germs – as long as it is hot enough. If you do have to hand wash clothes in cold water, clean your hands afterwards. Is warm or hot water really more effective than cold in preventing the is not hot enough to kill bacteria, but is more effective than cold water. Scientists have poured cold water on the theory that we need to wash our hands with hot water to kill germs. According the the Daily Mail.