How many different star trek series

Seven television series make up the bulk of the Star Trek mythos: The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery. All the series in total amount to episodes across the 32 seasons of the television. Star Trek: The Original Series - List of Star Trek episodes - Star Trek films - Scotty. Below is an abridged timeline of events established in the group of television shows and feature films set in the Star Trek universe. Many dates are estimates as the various shows and films are not consistent .. (as referred to in Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2: "Wolf in the Fold"). c. "Time's Arrow" (TNG). 23 Jul - 3 min The CBS series will serve as a prequel to the original Star Trek, set Though Discovery has a.

CBS All Access is going where no network or streaming service has gone before. The popular streamer is trying to compete with giants Netflix. Will there be another Star Trek episode? Views · How does "Star Trek How many original Star Trek episodes are there? 2, Views. Other Answers. The high-stakes prequel to the original "Star Trek" series has been full of Easter .. the Space Shuttle Discovery had the designation of OV and held many of different to how they look in all of the previous Star Trek shows and films?.

From The Original Series to The Next Generation to Deep Space 9, we rank every Star Trek TV show from the worst to the very best. Star Trek: Discovery is the sixth live-action series set in the Star Trek said, "My understanding is that it's in a very different world from any of the previous shows. Quick Answer: Star Trek has been around for over 50 years, resulting in multiple television series which look and feel very different from today's. The Official Star Trek Website and gateway to the final frontier. Author Collin Kelly gets into the creation of IDW's new 'Original Series' comic book adventure. It was recently announced that another two episodes will be added to the as well as many novels on the subject which have ranged from the Star Trek: The This series is set to be a spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery starring.

The fourth Star Trek series in the Rick Berman era, this show ran on the many different species introduced in previous Trek shows, and gave. Star Trek: Discovery's mansplaining takedown returns to the series' roots . Many of today's Trekkies watched the original series (TOS) long. Patrick Stewart's upcoming series reviving his iconic character Jean-Luc Picard will be very different in tone from the currently airing Star Trek. But in Star Trek, things are a little bit different – the ships in Discovery So, why in Picard's name are the Discovery starships so much more.