How to use silca pump head

I just put a silca head on my pump. I'm having some difficulty using it with my threaded presta valves. Can someone provide some tips?. Instructional video for using the Thread-On Schrader Chuck as an adapter to SILCA Presta chucks. Presta valve inflation head for SILCA bicycle pumps. Iconic Silca Presta Head Design - in use by more pro team and shop mechanics than any other!.

NFS Leather Conditioner and Pump lubricant (aka: Pump Blood) $ SILCA chuck gasket for Reversible brass chuck and SILCA Impero head $ We received Silca's flagship product, the bell-shaped Stainless Presta Head , as well as their Disc Wheel Adapter, EOLO III mobile-use. My first experience with Silca's Presta Head was, unsurprisingly, in a If you want to use one of these pieces on your home pump, how do you.

Things like this happen when a pump gets as much use as Silca's did. Silca's new press-on alloy pump head has a bleed valve for inflation. I let some air out of the valves push the pump head on the valve. thing and having the same results when I first starting using my Silca Pump. The new Silca Hiro v.2 sets a new bar for pump heads swapped with an easier- to-use in-line lollipop lever much like the original Hirame. As for the reviewer who gave the Silca Pista a one-star review because it came with a Presta only valve head he just didn't know how to use the pump. Results - of vintage rare Silca Bicycle Pump head Presta Valve for . Includes 3 feet of hose and two spring clamps Rated for psi continual use.

16 products Silca Hoses, Heads, and Adapters Pump head ONLY read more There are at least 3 original brass chucks that use this gasket as well as the. We receive a lot of questions about using the classic SILCA Presta Chuck. With no levers Presta valve inflation head for SILCA bicycle pumps. Replacement. SILCA ▷ Bullet-proof high-pressure, disc compatible chuck for high pressure Male Schrader thread fits into any Schrader chuck, or use SILCA Thread-On. For use with Silca Pista Track Pumps Diameter - 13mm Height - 8mm. Silca Pista Track Pump Rubber Dual Valve Washer - Customer Reviews (4) . Hi, i just wondering if this rubber valve () fit my silca pump head? My pump .