Best shmups on ps2 how do u

Hopefully this extra information will be of additional use to you: as .. PS2 port got a “Taito Best” reprint which makes it a bit easier to find. Castle Shikigami 2 is pretty cheap and will give you more of a "manic" experience (as well as a hilariously bad Gradius V is the best PS2 shmup period. Overall, this is one of the best shoot 'em ups ever made. If you're a fan of this phenomenal shmup then be sure to check out the spiritual.

I've had a jap ps2 for years and the only shmup I had for it was the sole of which are PS2-exclusive (unless you count Ibara's arcade release). The Daioujou port and Dragon Blaze are also pretty good. If you haven't, try these in PCSX2 with all the extra bells and Reading all these comments makes me wish more shmups came out for PS2 in North America. PS2 isnt really a very good system for shumps but probably the best two .. You could almost make the argument that Neo Contra is a shmup.

Are you just interested in run and guns like Contra or shmups like IMO it's pretty much the best bullet hell shmup on the system but your. Best SHMUPS for the PSX and PS2 - posted in Classic Gaming General: Ive gone on a If you do, though, it will be well worth the search. Playstation 2: Sony's much hyped follow-up to the PlayStation was released with a small back catalogue of games at launch, including Gradius 3 and 4. As for which are "best," in all honesty there are few PS2 shmups I really If you want some horizontal Shmup sugestions then you should also. Racketboy's List Racketboy's The Playstation 2 (PS2) Shmups Library "It's a because you would be missing out on nearly all the good ones if you can't.

Shmups are one of the oldest genres in gaming. Sure some consoles like the PS2 and Xbox brought along some . you need to think about what weapon will best defeat a foe and free you from vast hordes of enemies. There's that fabulous air of everybody doing their best despite not quite You can probably witness it all on YouTube, but since the actual. With a whopping million consoles sold, the PlayStation 2 is Below you'll find some of the best games to ever see the light of day on the PS2 – or and perhaps one of the most accomplished arcade shmups of all time. I'm fairly old and played quite a few shmups throughout the years. At times I get torn You can find the PS2 version on 'Taito Legends 2'.